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CNC (Fanuc)
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    Max Dia. Gear
    17.72 "
    CNC (Fanuc)
  • Product Overview

    Hydraulic stroking CNC machine with linear motor controlling the spindle stoking valve for the cutter spindle (Patented CNC crowning/backoff, Linear Motor stroke, stroke length/position control)

    Integral torque motor work and cutter spindles
    Electronic backoff/crowning capability (patented)
    CNC position of cutter saddle
    Electronic stroking, positioning, length (Gearless Gear Shaper)
    Fellows HS450-200 Hydrostroke Gear Shaper with Fanuc 31i CNC System:

    Pendant Mounted console with menu driven (15") color TFT touch screen.
    RS-232 Port
    USB Interface
    80 GB Hard Drive
    Full Qwerty Keyboard w/Mouse
    Storage for part program set up data on 80GB Harddrive (approximately 14Kb per part)
    Manual Pulse Generator
    Air conditioned electrical control panel
    GFI Duplex outlet. (120 V AC)
    Pendant control station with MPG for all servo axes
    Manual rinsing nozzle for cleaning work area
    Tool kit
    Six Axes Control using AC Servo Direct Drives (Includes electronic index drive for synchronization of cutter and work rotation):

    Stroking speed.
    Stroke position.
    Work spindle rotation.
    Cutter spindle rotation.
    Infeed speed and position.
    Stroke Length
    Adaptive process control for:

    Automatic compensation of temperature dependent center distances changes. 2. Hydraulic pressure requirement for stroking.
    Servo Stroke positioning of cutter spindle:

    Operator I automatic pre-set elevating.
    Operator pre-set tool height setting.
    Display of actual and available adjustment.
    Minimum input increment 0.025 mm (.001 ").
    Automatic cutter positioning to return cutter to top of stroke.
    Stroke positioning adjustment.
    Number of Cuts:

    Selectable, 1-6 cuts, Infinitely variable speeds available each cut.
    Programmable, multi-surface cutting capability
    Infinitely variable speeds & feeds:

    Stroking speeds infinitely variable with quick return for increased productivity within ranges of 20-500 SPM
    Rotary feed rate: 0.0025 mm to 6.35 mm/stroke (0.0001" - 0.250") per stroke per inch of cutter diameter up to 4 rpm of cutter spindle. Reduced rotary feed during infeed to any value including plunge infeed for improved tool wear.
    Cutter spindle and worktable rpm: 50
    Infeed rate: Programmable, Diminishing - (a) Range: 0.001 - 0.50 mm (0.0001" - 0.020") per stroke and (b) Maximum Rate: up to 305 mm (12.0") per minute with constant or diminishing infeed rate for increased production and reduced tool wear.
    Oriented Stiffness Back-Off™:

    Servo driven with unique oriented stiffness design. Allows for a 15:1 force amplifier.
    Function controls and keypads for online direct entry of gear shaping data. Switchable metric/inch operation. Programmable tool and work offsets.

    Modular hardware and software for easy expansion and interfacing with automation equipment available for additional charge.

    Diagnostics and Error Prevention:

    Descriptive error messages and CRT display of ladder logic.
    Setup data checked against machine limits.
    Automatic calibration of process sensors.
    Operator's Menu:

    Cutter Configuration Menu
    Part setup menu
    On line diagnostics
    Cycle Counter
    Cycle Timer
    Hydraulic Pump - 20 HP, 1200 RPM, Frame 365 DC, NEMA-B, TEFC

    Coolant Pump - 1.5 HP, 3600 RPM, Motor Pump Assembly, TEFC

    Hydraulic Circulator - 2 HP, 3600 RPM, Motor Pump Assembly, TEFC

    Chip Conveyor - 1/2 HP, 1800 RPM, Frame 56C, NEMA-B, TEFC

    Stroke Drive - Fanuc Linear Motor with Heidenhain Absolute Scale

    Work Rotation - Fanuc Integral Motor with Renishaw Ring Scale

    Cutter Rotation - Fanuc Integral Motor with Renishaw Ring Scale

    Radial InFeed - Fanuc High Voltage Series Hvis with Absolute Encoders

    Stroke Position - Fanuc High Voltage Series Hvis with Absolute Encoders

    Stroke Length - Fanuc Linear Motor with Heidenhain Absolute Scale

    Water/Glycol liquid coller for integral and linear motors

    Motors and Standard Control for 460 Volts, 3 Phase, 60 Hz. ac. Wired for one voltage only. Total connected load 40 kva. Machine will operate with voltage inputs of plus or minus 10%. Other voltages or frequencies available at additional cost.

  • About Company
    Bourn & Koch, Inc.

    Bourn & Koch, Inc. designs and builds machine tools for gear manufacturing, surface grinding, boring and vertical turning. All of our machines are proudly American-made in Rockford, Illinois. Since 1975, we have continuously innovated in the machine tool industry to build what many consider to be the most advanced gear manufacturing machinery available today. Our engineering expertise allows us to develop custom solutions for the manufacturing industry. Bourn & Koch is also the OEM for a long list of American-made machine tools – names like Blanchard, Barber-Colman, Bullard & Fellows. We have built on their collective knowledge and expertise to offer time-tested machine tool designs augmented with the latest innovations in the machine tool industry. Beyond machine tools, we offer full customer care. As OEM for not only our machine tools, but many others, we provide quality repair parts, field service, rebuild & remanufacture for a wide variety of machine tools. In addition to a complete line of new equipment that includes gear manufacturing machines, specialty machine tools and manufacturing cells, Bourn & Koch has many years of experience in remanufacturing existing machine tools, from the most basic to highly complex computer-controlled units. Our state-of-the-art quality control system assures the accuracy of our work with tolerances that meet or exceed your most stringent requirements.

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