• Product Overview

    FlexArm Vertical Assembly Arms can withstand motor torque up to 20 foot pounds (27.1 Nm). For use at various angles, a Swivel Attachment can be added to the motor mount.

    FlexArm Vertical Style Assemblers come complete, ready to mount and include: Arm, Adjustable Motor Mount [holds 1”-2” (25.4-50.8 mm) diameter tool] and Adjustable Mounting Bracket.

  • About Company
    FlexArm Inc. - FlexCNC

    Since 1984, FlexArm has manufactured the highest quality and most powerful Tapping Arms in the world. They also support precision Die Repair, Torque Reaction Arms, and much more. In 2017 FlexArm launched the best priced and most flexible vertical machining center in the world, known as the FlexCNC. www.flexdrillcnc.com

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