• Specs
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    Rect-Cap (W)
    49.21 "
    Rect-Cap (H)
    23.62 "
    15 hp
    4950 x 2300 x 2565 mm
    6,800 kg
  • Product Overview

    Model BBSW1250
    Operating Range
    90°cutting 200 x 75mm ~ 1250 x 600mm
    +45°Cutting 200 x 75mm ~ 850 x 600mm
    -45°Cutting ---
    ±60°Cutting ---
    Sawing System
    Blade Size 8300 x 54 x 1.6mm
    Blade Speed 20 ~ 80 m/min
    Feeding Type Hydraulic Valve controlled
    Main Motor Power 11 kw
    Control System
    Type PLC + Transducer
    Laser Alignment Available
    Machine Overall Info
    Dimension 4950 x 2300 x 2560 mm
    Weight 6,800 kg

    BBSW Series Band Sawing Machine
    BBSW series band sawing machine are medium/heavy duty sawing machines manufactured by FMC for Structure Steel Fabricating. The machine is suitable for cutting beams with Max. width up to 1250mm. Machine is fitted with MITSUBISHI PLC-control & SIEMENS Transducer, which regulate the up-and-down movement, clamping system and cutting / feeding speed. There's Saw-Protection device can protect the blade being damaged while cutting. Machine can cut beam by 0°~ 45°, via a miter cutting motor. The laser alignment device is able to detect the cutting position and manually align the cutting status so as to guarantee the cutting precision. Compared with CNC Band-Sawing Machine, BBSW series are more economic and convenient for mass production. It doesn’t need mass programming for measuring and cutting, and just requires one operator to align the workpiece. The measuring procedure work can be done by the BD series CNC Beam Processing Center which can mark a series of spots (layout) on the beam with its drilling bit.

    BBSW series Band-sawing machines are able to saw multi-type steel profile, like H-beam, U-beam, Rectangle-Beam, Pipe, Steel Angles, etc..

    The machine is able to cut steel profile in a range of 0°~ 45° via a miter cutting motor.
    An arc-ruler attached downside of the machine is used for aligning the miter cutting degree.

    The non-programmed cutting system just need a laser line reference to help the operator to identify the exact location of the cutting blade.

    A movable arm is mounted on the saw rack to hold the blade and moving along the blade direction. It is used for keeping the blade moving stable and enlarge the tension on the cutting area so as to ensure a nice cutting quality.

    A hydraulic extension device is installed backside of each wheel is used for adjusting the blade tension or replacing old blade.

    Stable machine structure, hydraulic press device and powerful clamps ensure the excellent cutting quality.

    Simple and friendly operation panel, which is easy and convenient for operating. The control console is mounted on the machine base and integrates the machine into a whole so as to save space.

  • About Company
    Falcon CNC Machine Co.,Ltd.

    FMC was set up as a designer & manufacturer of CNC Machinery for Steel Structure Construction Industry and as a Total Solution hatcher for most Metallic Processing factories. Over the years, FMC derived abundant experience---Management, Technology, Designing, Assembling and Marketing---in such fields. FMC can not only produce tailor-made machines to our clients' specified requirements, but also rebuild the old model machines to be effecient ones. Constantly striving for new accomplishments to meet the increasing needs of the industry, FMC has been blessed with outstanding personnel, dedicated teams who tirelessly work to give the company the confidence and drive to take on new challenges and to reach for ever greater heights.