Discontinued Model
CNC (Computer + Mitsubishi PLC + Modules)
  • Specs
    CNC (Computer + Mitsubishi PLC + Modules)
    4450 x 3050 x 3520 mm
    7,000 kg
  • Product Overview

    Model BD1000
    Operating Range
    H-Beam 150 x 75 mm ~ 1000 x 500 mm
    U-Beam 150 x 75 mm ~ 1000 x 500 mm
    Square-Beam 150 x 150 mm ~ 500 x 500 mm
    Max. Length of Profile 12,000 mm
    Max. Loading Capacity 5,000 kg
                                              Drilling Unit
    No. of Drilling Spindles 3 (L + R + T)
    Drilling Dia. Φ12.5 ~ Φ40 mm
    Thread Tapping Morse #3, #4
    Motor Power of Drilling Spindle 7.5 kw x 3
    No. of Drills each spindle 1
    Spindle Feeding Stoke Vertical: 140 mm
    Horizontal: 240 mm
    Spindle X & Y movement Yes
    Feeding Type Hydraulic Roller Feeding, 20 ~ 300 mm/min.
    Drilling Tools & Tool Lube Model Standard Twist Drills + External mist lubrication
    Spindle rpm (servo) Stepless 180 ~ 900 rpm
    Profile Height & Width Measuring Included
    Layout Point Marking (not drilling through) Available
    Control System
    Type PC + PLC + Functional Modules
    Importing Drawings Type DXF, DSTV
    Manual Programming Available
    Marking Function
    No. of Characters 36 characters
    Characters Size 14 x 10 (x 19) mm
    Imprinting Depth 0.8mm~ 1.5mm
    Machine Overall Info
    Dimension (L x W x H) 4450 x 3050 x 3520 mm
    Total Weight 7,000 kg
    Total Power 35 kw

    CNC Beam Processing Center BD1000
    FMC is dominating the structure steel fabricating market in recent years by selling a mass of CNC Beam Drillings system around the world. FMC supplies BD1000, designed for medium size steel fabricators desiring to increase profitability and throughput (tons-per-month) in today’s extremely competitive market. BD1000 drilling system equipped with 3 drilling units which can provide high efficient drilling capacity with wide range of hole diameters, eliminates time-consuming manual beam layout and hole drilling, formerly done by mag drills and/or hydraulic punches. All these 3 drilling units can work simultaneously on the web and flanges of the beam, to ensure maximized working efficiency and save manual labor.

    The frame of the machine is square shape high-frequency welded by square pipes and plates. There're one vertical and two horizontal servo-controlled drilling units mounted on the frame. The machine is able to drill the beam simultaneous vertically as well as horizontal.

    The drilling spindle can be hydraulic feeding or servo feeding types. Each spindle's movement is servo-controlled by 2 servo motors which enable the "Fixed Profile, Moving Drilling" ability, which means the profile is fixed in working area and the three drilling spindles can move separately to finish each drilling work. Such technology can reduce the time for repositioning and guarantee better precision.

    Being equipped with 3 x 7.5KW powerful spindle motors, the spindle rotation speed can reach Max. 900 rpm. External mist-spray type cooling device protects the drill bits while working and guarantees excellent drilling quality.

    There are four groups of vertical roller to catch the beam firmly for feeding. Duel wheel measuring devices are separately fixed in front and back of the machine to position the beam at the right length.

    CNC Controlled marking unit being equipped on the unloading roller to mark pre-programmed numbers/characters up to 1.5mm depth on the flange of the beam. There’re 36 letters on the wheel, from A to Z, and 0 to 9. The marking wheel’s position can be adjusted manually by a hand wheel.

    PC based control console has friendly operation interface, easy and simple for operating. The software program is installed on the control system, which can be connected with the company network, so the DSTV file and DXF file can be downloaded directly from the company’s database to the machine system.
    Inside of Electrical Cabinet, the main parts like PLC, modules, servos, etc. are all developed by Siemens, MITSUBISHI or YASKAWA to facilitate program creation and provide appreciable operational savings.

  • About Company
    Falcon CNC Machine Co.,Ltd.

    FMC was set up as a designer & manufacturer of CNC Machinery for Steel Structure Construction Industry and as a Total Solution hatcher for most Metallic Processing factories. Over the years, FMC derived abundant experience---Management, Technology, Designing, Assembling and Marketing---in such fields. FMC can not only produce tailor-made machines to our clients' specified requirements, but also rebuild the old model machines to be effecient ones. Constantly striving for new accomplishments to meet the increasing needs of the industry, FMC has been blessed with outstanding personnel, dedicated teams who tirelessly work to give the company the confidence and drive to take on new challenges and to reach for ever greater heights.