• Product Overview

    Model TAL2532
                                                                                              Operating Range
    Min. Size of Angle 140 x 140 x 10 mm
    Max. Size of Angle 250 x 250 x 32 mm
    Max. Length of Angle 12,000 mm
                                                                                                   Drilling Unit
    The drilling heads on each side 3 pieces
    spindle rotation speed 180 ~ 560rpm
    Drilling Dia. φ17.5~φ40
    Stadia Adjustment 50~220mm (stepless speed adjusted)
    Spindle Motor Power 5.5kw
    Spindle Feeding Speed 20 ~ 280mm/min
    Max. Spindle Stroke 85mm
                                                                                                  Marking Unit
    Capacity SC: 540 kN or BC: 1030 kN
    Character Dimension / Depth 14 x 10 x 1mm
    No. of Marking Group 1
    No. of Character per Group 10 or 15
                                                                                               Control System
    Type PC + PLC + Modules
    Importing Software DXF, DSTV
    Manual Programming Available
                                                                                      Material Handling System
    Max.Feeding Speed 40m/min
                                                                                     Machine Overall Dimension
    Dimension (L x W x H) 29000 x 8900 x 2500 mm

    Drill Type CNC Angle Processing Center TAL2532
    Since there are higher tension power transmission towers with large span and stronger loading capacity, also Steel angles with thickness larger than 20mm are gradually not allowed for punched by most Countries' Standard, FMC designed such Drilling & Marking system---TAL2532 for our clients. The machine is fitted with multi-spindle drilling system, marking unit, CNC carriage feeder, auto loading & unloading system. TAL2532's max. processing capacity is up to 250 x 250 x 32mm.

    Marking Unit:
    The marking unit is built from four linear-pre-set character box type with up and down movement by manual wheel. This unit produces permanent marks approximate 1 mm deep and easy to identify after painting or galvanizing.

    Drilling System:
    The machine is fitted with multi-spindle drilling system which consists of 3 sets of spindle fixed separately on each side, with a spindle rotation speed at 180 ~ 560rpm.

    Hydraulic System:
    A hydraulic power station provides enough pressure for the marking unit and auxiliary circuits, like Cycle-Running V-type lifter and 45°Dumping device on outfeeding conveyors.

    Infeed Carriage:
    A carriage driven by servo motor to ensure the high-speed feeding at Max. 40m/min. The CNC controlled carriage with adjustable pincher for 12m / 14m long angle in longitudinal feeding.

  • About Company
    Falcon CNC Machine Co.,Ltd.

    FMC was set up as a designer & manufacturer of CNC Machinery for Steel Structure Construction Industry and as a Total Solution hatcher for most Metallic Processing factories. Over the years, FMC derived abundant experience---Management, Technology, Designing, Assembling and Marketing---in such fields. FMC can not only produce tailor-made machines to our clients' specified requirements, but also rebuild the old model machines to be effecient ones. Constantly striving for new accomplishments to meet the increasing needs of the industry, FMC has been blessed with outstanding personnel, dedicated teams who tirelessly work to give the company the confidence and drive to take on new challenges and to reach for ever greater heights.

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