FOBA M3000-B

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    The M3000-B laser marking machine is equipped with a programmable Z-axis, a work table and an electric lift door. The all-purpose laser workstation is particularly useful when it comes to the marking of large single parts in many sectors, including the automobile industry, the construction of metals, tools and machines, the medical field and plastic-processing industries.

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    FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving (Alltec GmbH)

    FOBA Laser Marking + Engraving is among the leaders in manufacturing and supplying precision laser systems for marking and engraving. FOBA marking lasers mark a variety of materials and parts not least in the key markets of Automotive and Medical but also Electronics, Plastics, Safety and ID. FOBA laser workstations for marking and engraving are especially applied in the fields of Automotive part production and Medical device marking as well as Tool, Metal and Mold Making, Medical Technology, Plastics processing and Jewelry. Worldwide sales and service branches service the most important markets.

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