• Specs
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    Max Blade Dia.
    14.17 "
  • Product Overview

    Fully Automatic Tungsten Carbide Sawing Machine

    1. Servo-motor drive + ball screw feed transmission
    2. Hydraulic driven sawhead feed for cutting motion
    3. Feeding safety guard (optional)
    4. Fully feeding safety gurad (optional)

    CUTTING CAPACITY TCT Carbide sawblade / HSS Sawblade
    Round solid bar ●25 ~ 100 mm
    Square solid bar ■25 ~ 76 mm
    Rectangle ▃▃25~ 76 mm
    Round pipe ○25 ~ 100 mm
    Square pipe □25 ~ 76 mm
    Maximum length of head cut 10 ~ 50 mm
    Waste material length at tail end 85~(85+π Cutting length) mm
    Feeding length 5 ~ 640 cycle feeding mm
    Manually stack line-up loader capacity 3600 kg
    Material length 3000 ~ 6000 mm
    Material loading width 900 mm

    TCT CARBIDE SAWBLADE Ø360 x 2.3 × t2.6 (t2.5~2.7) mm
    Pin holes+Bore 4 × Ø14 × PCD80 & 4 × Ø11 × PCD63 x Ø32 / Ø40 / Ø50 mm
    Tip aluminum carbide sawblade -- mm
    Pin holes+Bore -- mm
    HSS sawblade Ø360 x t2.5~3.5 4 × Ø11 × PCD63 x Ø32 / Ø40 / Ø50 mm
    Spindle motor 11 (15HP) kw
    Spindle speeds 12~120 rpm
    Frequency inverter 15 (20HP) kw
    Hydraulic pump motor 3.7 (5HP) kw
    Operation pressure 7mpa 70kg/cm² mpa
    Oil tank capacity About  150 ℓ
    Air pressure 0.4~0.6mpa 4~6kg/cm² mpa
    Feed drive AC servo-motor(1.8kw or 2.0kw) and precision ball screw
    Sawhead drive A: Material feeding and cutting is driven by hydraulic system
    B: AC Servo-motor(2.9kw or 3.5kw) + Precision ball screw transmission for cutting (Opt.)
    Feeding vise Horizontal hydraulic type
    Main vise Horizontal and vertical hydraulic type , one set each

  • About Company
    Fong Ho Industrial Co., Ltd

    fong ho machinery industrial co., ltd. was established in 1979. in the beginning, fong ho specialized in milling, boring and cnc lathe turning. fong ho started designing and manufacturing circular cold saws for cutting metal.

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