FOREMOST Fluff Reclaim

Fluff Reclaim
  • Product Overview

    For over sixty years, Foremost has been supplying quality equipment designed to meet the needs of the plastics industry. Foremost currently offers three types of fluff feeders, each designed for specific applications.

    These include the standard model CFV-2 with Vector drive, the CCF cone in cone feeder and the LPF Low Profile type feeder.

    These series of crammer feeders are force feeding devices that are designed to compact fluffy materials at the extruder screw to provide a uniform density and relatively consistent head pressure.

    Our crammer feeders employ the use of a Flux Vector drive, a true torque device which enables the system to feed up to a 50% fluff/pellet blend with a consistent material density at the extruder throat. The benefits of this crammer feeder include true cramming action which provides relatively constant head pressure throughout the range of normal extruder needs.

  • About Company
    Foremost Machine Builders Inc

    Foremost Machine Builders Inc. manufactures processing equipment for the plastics industry including granulators, gravimetric and volumetric blenders, vacuum and pressure loaders, railcar unloaders, metal separators, dryers, chillers, recycling systems and reclaim equipment. All our machines are available in a full range of sizes on an individual basis or integrated into a turn-key, plant wide processing system. In addition to our plastic processing equipment, we also design and manufacture material handling equipment and systems for the pneumatic conveying of plastic resins, polymers and other pellet or powdered products commonly found in the food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

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