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Model:GH1000 CNC
Type:Gear Hobbers
Control:CNC (SIEMENS 828D)
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Max Dia. Gear:39.37 "
Max Diametral Pitch:20
Control:CNC (SIEMENS 828D)

Product Overview

GH1000 CNC2 Large-module CNC Gear Hobbing Machine is developed on the basis of GH1250 CNC2, which is capable of cutting large-module workpiece even up to 20mm module. CNC axes: X-axis (radial feed motion) and Z-axis (axial feed motion), which are all driven by AC servo motors. On the principle of continuous indexing, GH1000 CNC2 Large-module CNC Gear Hobbing Machine is capable of cutting cylindrical spur and helical gears, crowning and slightly tapered gears, as well as worm wheels by radial cutting method. Axial and radial feed axes are driven by AC servo motors through preloaded ballscrew. GH1000 CNC2 is best suitable for mine, oil, marine, engineering machinery industries for hobbing large gears.

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