• Specs
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    Max Dia. Gear
    5.906 "
    CNC (SIEMENS 828D)
  • Product Overview

    1. GSM150 CNC Gear Shaper is a longitudinal layout, therefore, the machine bed, column, cutter head and worktable have a better structural and transmission rigidity, which improve the machining accuracy and reliability;
    2. GSM150 CNC Gear Shaper column with linear guide way reaches the rigid radial feed and excellent performance. The fixed worktable not only increases the rigidity of machine but also gets good for various modifications;
    3. SIEMENS 828D used on the machine for cutter spindle rotation, worktable rotation and radial movement of column. Each axis can be controlled separately or simultaneously;
    4. A frequency variable motor and a frequency changer are adopted for main movement of cutter stroke. During the cutting operation, cutter stroke can be preset and changed automatically with CNC programmable control system. After finishing the operation of work, the cutter will be stopped at the up position automatically;
    5. A double-roller relieving mechanism with special curve cam is used for excellent, reliable and low-noise relief of cutter;
    6. High accuracy worm gear and tooth thickness variable worm are adopted for the movement of cutter head and worktable;
    7. A tangent relief is available for worktable so as to prevent the cutter from interfering with the workpiece;
    8. In accordance with different workpiece, a balance block should be put on the crank disk to guarantee the balance in high speed;
    9. A separate tank is available for hydraulic and coolant system. The cutter head with heavy lubrication is used for meeting the lubricating requirement of the spindle in high speed. A reasonable arranged cooling system has a large number of coolant, and a magnetic separated chip conveyer removes the heat of chips and keeps reliable accuracy;
    10. GSM150 C3 CNC Gear Shaper is optionally equipped with independent close electrical cabinet, thermos-exchanger or air-condition;
    11. A synchrony relieving mechanism is adopted on the machine so as to machine special parts for smaller relief slot;
    12. A safe and easy to operate cover is installed with the machine, which can be convenient for maintenance;

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    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited

    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited is a machine tools supplier & developer in China, provide Metal lathe, CNC lathes, Heavy duty turning lathes, Boring machines, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Gear machines, Grinding machines, Balancing machine, Shaping Machine, Slotting Machine, Planing Machines, Sawing Machine, CNC Machining Center, Vertical CNC Lathe, Wire Cut EDM,. Plate Bending Machine, Press Brake, Plate Shearing Machine, Laser Marking Machine, etc. We are able to provide customization, installation, and operator training services if needed. We accept OEM,ODM order.

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