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Model:HMC800 HT
Type:Horizontal Machining Centers
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X:59.06 "
Y:47.24 "
Z:47.24 "
Power:40.2 hp
RPM:6000 rpm
# ATC:40
Pallet-W:31.5 "
Pallet-L:31.5 "
# Axis:4
Control:CNC (SIEMENS 840D sl)

Product Overview

1. Double worktable automatic switching system greatly increases work efficiency and saves time.
2. Bed adopts “T” structure; column adopts gantry frame; headstock is designed in symmetric form.
3. Basic big parts adopt phenolic sand molding and high-strength Meehanite cast iron to ensure anti-twist capacity.
4. Basic big parts are after double tempering to relieve stress and guarantee continuous and stable precision.
5. AC servo motor is connected to ballscrew with coupling enabling feed and rapid traverse of X, Y and Z axes.
6. X, Y and Z axes adopt SCHNEEBERGER heavy load roller guideway (width of 45mm) with high rigidity.
7. Spindle is supported by front and rear bearings with high precision, high speed and low temperature rise.
8. CNC rotary table adopts torque motor to drive the worktable with short transmission chain, “zero” backlash; THK crossed roller bearing meets high speed rotation and improves radial loading capacity, dynamic and static rigidity.
9. CNC rotary table can achieve automatic continuous rotation; torque motor achieves full-closed loop control through high precision angle encoder.
10. CNC rotary table adopts disk spring clamping and hydraulic loosening, which guarantees no angular displacement and increases eccentric load capacity.
11. Exchange of worktable is driven by servo motor; after reducer, pinion and gear ring, the power is used to drive the pallet to rotate along the center axis.
12. X, Y and Z axes feedback servo system adopts FAGOR grating scale full-close loop control; B axis adopts FAGOR high precision angle encoder closed-loop control.

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