PB130 HD50 CNC
  • Specs
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    Spindle Size
    5.118 "
    CNC (SIEMENS 840D)
  • Product Overview

    1. Basic parts like front and rear bed, column, headstock, are all designed with thick ribs and thermal symmetric frame, made of rigid casting iron. All these parts have been after twice time ageing.
    2. Spindle bearings have high accuracy and heavy loading. The material of boring spindle is 38CrMoA1A alloy; the spindle is made by precision machining and nitrogen treatment with high surface hardness.
    3. Spindle adopts AC motor to realize infinitely variable speed changing. It can achieve low-speed with big torque and high-speed with full power output; speed changing system is hydraulically controlled.
    4. Spindle nose taper is 7:24; auto tools clamping device is set inside the spindle and the tools could be auto clamped by disk spring and unclamped hydraulically.
    5. X axis adopts rectangular slide guideway; the guideway is hardened and coated with TF wearable material.
    6. Y and Z axes adopt rectangular inserted steel sliding and rolling compound guideway; sliding saddle and headstock guide is coat with TF wearable material.
    7. X/Y/Z/W axes are equipped with big torque AC servo motor and ballscrew. The ball screw is preloaded.
    8. X/Y/Z/W axes are equipped with linear encoder as feedback device; B axis is equipped with rotary encoder as feedback device. All motion axes are fully closed loop control.

  • About Company
    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited

    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited is a machine tools supplier & developer in China, provide Metal lathe, CNC lathes, Heavy duty turning lathes, Boring machines, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Gear machines, Grinding machines, Balancing machine, Shaping Machine, Slotting Machine, Planing Machines, Sawing Machine, CNC Machining Center, Vertical CNC Lathe, Wire Cut EDM,. Plate Bending Machine, Press Brake, Plate Shearing Machine, Laser Marking Machine, etc. We are able to provide customization, installation, and operator training services if needed. We accept OEM,ODM order.

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