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Type:Oil Field & Hollow Spindle Lathes
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Swing:24.8 "
Centers:59.06 "
Spindle Bore:7.874 "
Power:10.1 hp
RPM:300 rpm

Product Overview

1. Key components adopt HT250 high strength grey cast iron with three-step aging treatment, especially the natural aging is less than 6 months which ensures stable performance, high intensity, not easy to deformation, heavy cutting and long term precision retaining ability.
2. After precision grinding, the ultrasonic frequency quenched guide way is characterized by high strength and good rigidity. The friction surface of saddle and carriage are pasted with Teflon anti-wear strip with low friction coefficient.
3. Spindle adopts 45# hot-rolled thick wall steel pipe with well-proportioned internal structure, high rigidity, high torque, heavy cutting. Spindle speed is infinitely variable from 30-80 and 80-300 rpm.
4. Spindle bearing has high speed and can bear radial force and axial force simultaneously.
5. The ball screw of X axis is fixed on two bearings, which is directly connected to ball screw via cross-linked coupling with servo motor to enable transverse feed of the carriage; the ball screw of Z axis is fixed on two bearings perpendicular to X axis, and the ball screw is driven by two precision gears with servo motor to enable the longitudinal feed of saddle.
6. The slide guideway and ball screw adopts automatic timing and quantitative lubrication.

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