CNC (NUM1060)
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    Max Gear Dia.
    7.874 "
    Max Diametral Pitch
    CNC (NUM1060)
  • Product Overview

    1. WGM200 employs CNC synchronous drive. A worm grinding wheel meshes with gear teeth (workpiece) to achieve continuous generating grinding, which gains the machine high precision and efficiency.
    2. High precision CNC synchronous drive makes grinding wheel rotary axis, workpiece rotary axis, workpiece radial feed axis, workpiece tangential feed axis and workpiece axial movement axis can simultaneously grind, which can accomplish the action of indexing drive, axial differential, tangential differential and longitudinal modification.
    3. Continuous shift grinding: when workpiece tangential feed axis and workpiece rotary axis are simultaneously moving, they keep continuous shift state. Since contact between grinding wheel and workpiece always keeps new dressed surface during grinding, deep cutting grinding is guaranteed, which improves grinding efficiency.
    4. Profile and longitudinal modification: profile modification is finished with special diamond rollers; longitudinal modification is realized by CNC controlled simultaneous workpiece radial feed axis and workpiece axial feed axis moving, thereby, all kinds of longitudinal profile may be obtained.
    5. High speed synchronous drive: the speed of grinding wheel is 2400 rpm (common grinding wheel) being 2.6 times as that of the similar machine, and the speed of workpiece spindle reaches 120 rpm, which increases continuous generating speed to further improve grinding efficiency.
    6. Direct generating gear by grinding: high rigidity structure and suitable grinding wheel for small module (m≤0.8) gear, gear blank can directly be ground into gear, which simplifies process and saves production cost.
    7. High quality accessories: CNC system employs French NUM1060; servo system employs German SIEMENS. Grating measuring system, roller bearing, ballscrew, linear guideway and hydraulic elements are all from famous manufacturers, thus ensuring high precision and reliability.
    8. WGM200 also adopts large flow cooling device, electrostatic fog collector and oil temperature controller.

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    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited

    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited is a machine tools supplier & developer in China, provide Metal lathe, CNC lathes, Heavy duty turning lathes, Boring machines, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Gear machines, Grinding machines, Balancing machine, Shaping Machine, Slotting Machine, Planing Machines, Sawing Machine, CNC Machining Center, Vertical CNC Lathe, Wire Cut EDM,. Plate Bending Machine, Press Brake, Plate Shearing Machine, Laser Marking Machine, etc. We are able to provide customization, installation, and operator training services if needed. We accept OEM,ODM order.

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