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    Max Gear Dia.
    11.81 "
    Max Diametral Pitch
    CNC (SIEMENS 840D)
  • Product Overview

    1. Same phase structure: WGM300 adopts unique vertical structure design with grinding wheel dressing position and workpiece grinding position in the same phase, which eliminates the effect of grinding wheel spindle bearing raceway rotation accuracy on profile accuracy caused by grinding wheel dressing and grinding in different phases, and is helpful to improve grinding accuracy.
    2. New structure of grinding wheel spindle: grinding wheel spindle uses direct drive technology with high power spindle motor, inner/outer ring forced cooling structure, and built-in dynamic balancing device, thus perfect thermal balance characteristics and rigidity of grinding wheel spindle can be achieved.
    3. Workpiece spindle structure: direct drive technology keeps the workpiece with zero clearance transmission, no friction and no abrasion; driving rigidity and dynamic response speed of workpiece spindle can be improved.
    4. Spindle sealing structure: grinding wheel spindle, workpiece spindle and dressing spindle are sealed by 2-stage filtered air to avoid abrasive particle, dust and oil mist into spindle bearing raceway to damage spindle accuracy.
    5. Automatic door: protective door is driven by cylinder, operator can control with switch when adjusting the machine; during automatic grinding, protective door can be automatic controlled.
    6. Automatic protective cover: after protective door opens, protective cover can automatically rotate to prevent high speed grinding wheel from injuring operator in performing manual loading operation.
    7. Flexible fixture selection: standard interface and one-route pressure oil are equipped on workpiece spindle end, customer can select suitable fixture according to workpiece form and processing accuracy. Standard configuration includes one set of spring collet fixture with inner diameter of 40mm.
    8. High efficiency grinding: by using multi-start worm wheel with linear velocity up to 63m/s and continuous shift grinding, WGM300 can realize high speed grinding with large feed, grinding efficiency can be increased.
    9. Fully automatic control: multiple channel control platform of SIEMENS 840D can realize flexible control of 11 CNC axes, fully automatic control of the whole processing from automatic clamping, automatic tool alignment, automatic grinding to automatic dressing of grinding wheel can be achieved.
    10. Multiple grinding modes selection: manual grinding, automatic grinding with manual clamping and fully automatic grinding; manual grinding is suitable for single gear part, clamping and unclamping of workpiece collet and stopping of grinding wheel feed can be realized by manual intervention; automatic grinding is suitable for grinding workpiece in batch production.
    11. High precision grinding: with advanced direct drive technology and electronic gearbox software technology, WGM300 can realize precision dressing of grinding wheel and high precision grinding of workpiece.
    12. Profile and longitudinal modification: gears with profile modification can be ground with special diamond rollers, grinding of gears with longitudinal modification can be performed with the synchronization of column radial feed axis and slide axial feed axis.
    13. Automatic adjustment of cooling nozzle position: coolant can enter into grinding zone exactly with varying diameter of grinding wheel, which is helpful to improve grinding surface quality of workpiece.
    14. Automatic loading system (optional): 2 sets of parallel manipulators can achieve workpiece auto clamping, thus the labor intensity of operating the machine can be reduced and the non-cutting time can be saved.
    15. Automatic tool alignment: workpiece socket automatic centering and automatic allowance division simplifies operation of the machine and increases processing efficiency.

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