CNC (NUM1050)
  • Specs
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    Max Gear Dia.
    12.6 "
    Max Diametral Pitch
    CNC (NUM1050)
  • Product Overview

    1. The phase locking servo system is used to control the dividing driving and differential driving instead of gear transmission, which improves the working accuracy and reduces the waves on the ground tool flacks.
    2. CNC feed system used for variable radial feed of grinding wheel improves the machine efficiency greatly.
    3. The proportional valve and grating are used to control the movement of slide. Different speeds can be set for each travel. The evenness of grinding allowance on both flanks of each tooth can be displayed and made even with a correction button.
    4. Diamond roller is used for wheel dressing.
    5. Lead modification function can be used for grinding crowned gears, and the diamond roller is used for grinding gears with profile modification. Manual and automatic grinding cycles are available. During automatic grinding cycle, the clamping and unclamping of workpiece can be achieved time after time, the tangential shift of workpiece along grinding wheel, grinding accuracy and uniformity of workpiece in one batch is guaranteed.
    6. Workpiece parameter and processing parameter can be input via touch keyboard and displayed on the touch screen. In addition, all kinds of processing parameters can be stored in the computer.

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    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited

    Fortune Pacific Machine Tool Limited is a machine tools supplier & developer in China, provide Metal lathe, CNC lathes, Heavy duty turning lathes, Boring machines, Drilling machines, Milling machines, Gear machines, Grinding machines, Balancing machine, Shaping Machine, Slotting Machine, Planing Machines, Sawing Machine, CNC Machining Center, Vertical CNC Lathe, Wire Cut EDM,. Plate Bending Machine, Press Brake, Plate Shearing Machine, Laser Marking Machine, etc. We are able to provide customization, installation, and operator training services if needed. We accept OEM,ODM order.

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