• Product Overview

    Our experience and expertise in providing robotic solutions for casting cut-off and finishing enables the Foxall® Automated Casting Finishing Cells to provide fast, reliable, consistent product finishing.

    The cell system HMI interface can log and store useful production data, e.g. part numbers, quantities produced, and wheel changes. These can be accessed via the company network system if required. For use with all materials. Has a large envelop, viewports for easy visual inspection, full 6-axis flexibility, 90 degree part fixture rotator for complete access, and optional high speed turntable for high part throughput.

  • About Company
    Vulcan Engineering Co.

    Vulcan Engineering Company was founded in 1970 as a foundry engineering, equipment and installation supplier. The company was started by, and is still managed and staffed by, foundry people who came from operations, engineering and maintenance. The solutions we offer come from knowledge of your processes and daily challenges.

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