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    FMI builds a complete line of standard portable hydraulic punches. Standard flange and web presses range from 30 to 275 tons. Standard railcar "sideframe" presses are rated at 64 tons. All presses contain replaceable bronze guide bushings and replaceable die pockets to maximize service life. An extended overstroke design helps prevent damage caused by bottoming out the ram under high pressure. Franklin uses high quality industry standard tooling in all our presses. Standard tooling shapes are round, square, rectangular, and slotted. Shaped punches and dies are keyed to facilitate punch to die alignment. Flats are used unless other desired configuration is specified when ordering shaped dies.

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    Franklin Manufacturing, Inc.

    Franklin Manufacturing, Inc. has been a global supplier of high quality hydraulic equipment for over a three decades. As an acknowledged leader in machine technology, FMI provides total solutions for metal fabrication from portable press and power units to turnkey CNC equipment plant installations. With extensive experience in steel fabricating equipment, Franklin equipment is used in several markets including pre-engineered steel buildings, heavy structural fabrication, communication towers, agriculture, shipyard, and joist fabrication. Franklin is an ISO-9001 certified company.

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