• Specs
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    Max Weight of Workpiece
    22,046.2 lb
  • Product Overview

    Model HBJ100
    Max loading (t) 10
    Revolve speed (rpm) 0.05-0.5
    Tilt speed 0.2
    Tilt angle 135
    Work-table dia. (mm) 2000
    Revolve power (kw) 3
    Tilt power (kw) 4
    Speed control VFD
    Max ec distance (mm) 200
    Max gra. Distance (mm) 400
    Lifting stroke 1000

  • About Company
    Friendship Machinery Co., LTD

    Friendship Machinery is a world leader in automatic welding machine for steel fabrication field and industrial pipeline construction projects, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.

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