FSM LH3030

  • Specs
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    Vertical Height of Column
    16.4 '
    Length of Boom
    16.4 '
  • Product Overview

    No. Item Specification (LH3030)
    1 Boom length 5000mm
    2 Column height (include reducer) 5000mm
    3 Boom stretch distance 3000mm
    4 Boom stretch speed 120-1200mm/min
    5 Boom stretch adjust method Frequency adjust
    6 Boom stretch transmission method Motor
    7 Boom lifting distance 3000mm
    8 Boom lifting speed 1000mm/min
    9 Boom lifting transmission method motor
    10 Column rotating degree (manual) 360 degree
    11 Welding gun loading capacity 200kg
    12 2D cross micro-adjusting device Vertical 100mm
    Horizontal 100mm
    13 Working power 380V 50HZ
    14 Up transmission drag chain 1 set
    15 Monitor device Including screen and camera

  • About Company
    Friendship Machinery Co., LTD

    Friendship Machinery is a world leader in automatic welding machine for steel fabrication field and industrial pipeline construction projects, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.

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