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  • Product Overview

    Robotic 6 Axi CNC Cutting Machine For Steel Pipe Square Tube Or Channel Steel

    Model MOTOMAN-SSF2000
    Structure Vertical jointed-arm type
    Controlled Axes 6 (vertically articulated)
    Maximum range of motion
    S-axis (turning/ sweep) ±170°
    L-axis (lower arm) +155° to −90°
    U-axis (upper arm) +250° to −175°
    R-axis (wrist roll) ±180°
    B-axis (bend/Pitch/Yaw) +225° to −45°
    T-axis (wrist twist) ±360°
    Maximum speed
    S-axis 3.67 rad/s, 210°/s
    L-axis 3.32 rad/s, 190°/s
    U-axis 3.67 rad/s, 210°/s
    R-axis 6.98 rad/s, 400°/s
    B-axis 6.98 rad/s, 400°/s
    T-axis 10.47 rad/s, 600°/s
    Allowable moment
    R-axis 11.8 N.m
    B-axis 9.8 N.m
    T-axis 5.9 N•m
    Allowable moment of Inertia
    R-axis 0.24 kg.m2
    B-axis 0.17 kg•m2
    T-axis 0.06 kg•m2
    Approximate mass 130 kg
    Installing environment
    Temperature 0-45℃
    Humidity 20-80% RH, no condensation
    Vibration Below 4.9 m/s2
    Others ● away from corrosive gas, liquid and flammable gas
    ● away from water, oil and dust
    ● away from Electrical noise
    Power capacity 1.5KVA

  • About Company
    Friendship Machinery Co., LTD

    Friendship Machinery is a world leader in automatic welding machine for steel fabrication field and industrial pipeline construction projects, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.

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