FSM Q034

  • Product Overview

    Steel Shot Blasting Machine Cleaning Surface Of Casting / Forging


    Main specifications of Q3740 hook shot blasting machine

    1. The max. size of work-piece to be cleaned
    Diameter × height: φ2000×2500 mm
    2. Blasting units
    Model: Q034
    Impeller diameter: φ250 mm
    Throw the pill quality: 250kg/min
    Power: 11 kW
    Quantity: 4 sets
    3. The need time of cleaning one hook
    Casting: 5-10min
    Forging: 10-15min
    Aluminum alloy: 5-8min
    4. Elevator:
    Lifting power: 60 t/h
    The speed of the belt: 1.2 m/s
    Power: 4 kW
    5. Separator:
    Separating quantity: 60 t/h
    The wind speed in the separating area: 4-5 m/s
    6. Spiral conveyor:
    Transportation quantity: 60 t/h
    Power: 2.2 kW *2
    7. Hook structure:
    Loading tonnage of the hook: 3tx2
    Engine Power: 4.5 kWx2
    Operating speed: 20 m/min
    Engine Power: 0.4 kwx2
    Rotating Power: 0.75kw
    8. Dust removal:
    Fan power: 15kw
    Shaking power: 0.55kw
    Total efficiency: 12000 m3/h
    9. The whole power of the machine: about 78.5 Kw
    10. The size of cleaning room length X width X height: 2500*2500*3000 (mm)

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    Friendship Machinery Co., LTD

    Friendship Machinery is a world leader in automatic welding machine for steel fabrication field and industrial pipeline construction projects, providing an extensive range of equipment for a variety of project applications.

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