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Degree of Bevel:45°

Product Overview

Steel Plate Bevelling Edge Milling Machine and Chamfer Machine in Steel Constructure Industry

Technical parameter
Type XBJ-6
The angle of mill 0-45°
The thickness of being processed steel plate (mm) 6-50
(depend on customer)
The max depth of milling bevel edge at on time (mm) 5
The transverse speed of crosswise mill (m/min) 0.3/0.5
Back stroke mill speed (m/min) 5
The rotational speed of milling and whittling spindle (m/min) 125-800
The working pressure of the hydraulic pressure system (mPa) ≤3.5
The height between the plate form and the ground (mm) 900
The power of driving motor (kw) 1.1/0.85
The power of milling motor (kw) 3
The power of oil pump motor (kw) 5.5
The number of the cylinders 8

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