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    Full Dare (Chengdu) Co., Ltd.

    Full Dare (Cheng Du), established in 1998, derived from Taiwan, is an ISO 9001 certified Chinese manufacturer, sell under the INNOCUT brand, and has endeavored in manufacturing high-quality cutting tools and providing good services. Parent company, Chous’ Tool, has gained professional experiences and unique technology through 35 years manufacturing history. These endless investments in R&D make Full Dare (Cheng Du) the only manufacturer of high-precision and complete-specification (06~27) threading inserts in Chinese mainland. Our product lines include turning system, threading system, milling system, parting & grooving system, pipe-scraping system, inserts for construction steel, brazed-type (weld type) turning system, carbide blades & rods, H.S.S. blades and also special tools, such as API inserts (buttress inserts, chaser) for petroleum-pipes and speical form system. Special material formula, advanced manufacturing process, and unique physics processing technology provide an effective guarantee for manufacturing cutting tools of high hardness, high intensity, heat resistance, low friction coefficient, and good binding capacity with the coating. Pursuing high precision of tools, Full Dare (Cheng Du) is equipped with more than 30 sets of high-precision CNC grinding machine, spindle RPM 15,000 rpm, vibration less than 1μ, 3-axis shown as 0.1μ. The cutting edges have been magnified up to 50~100 times on a high resolution optical projector during the grinding (shaping) process; and universal tool microscopes are applied in inspecting processes. Proudly we claim the tolerance of our inserts is within 5μ. Full Dare (Cheng Du) years’ experiences and expertise in the field have helped our numerous customers worldwide enhance the productivity and high precision. To ensure the diverse requirements of products, special coating equipments are imported to provid nitride and carbide coatings of titanium, aluminum, class diamonds, zirconium, and silicon. Besides domestic market, Full Dare (Cheng Du) is actively seeking reliable partners worldwide.

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