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  • Product Overview

      X-axis MM( inch )  760 (29.9)
      Y-axis MM( inch )  460 (18.1)
      Z-axis MM( inch )  480 (18.8)
      Spindle nose to table surface MM( inch ) 100-580
      Spindle center to column surface MM( inch )  500 (19.6)
      X.Y.Z axis Ball screws dia MM  32xpitch12
      Table size MM( inch ) 860*460
    (33.8 * 18.1)
      Working Area MM( inch ) 760*480
    (22.9 * 18.8)
      Tee Slots (CD x W x No.) MM  CD 100x18x4
      Max. Table Load KG( lbs )  450 (990)
      Spindle tapper BT40 / CAT40
      Spindle speed-standard access rpm BT30 / 12,000
    opt. 15,000 (Belt drive)
      Belt drive rpm BT40 8,000/opt. 10,000
    15,000(Belt drive)
      Driect Drive rpm opt. 10,000/12,000/15,000
    20,000/24,000-Direct drive
      Built-in Drive rpm opt. 20,000/24,000
      Feed Rate
      Cutting feedrate mm/min 1-10,000
    Depending on the controller
      3-axes slideways Linear Ball Slide
      Rapid transverse rates(X,Y,Z) m/min 30,000/30,000/20,000
    opt. 48,000/48,000/20,000
      Capacity-standard access pcs 16(Armless)
    opt. 24(Armless)
      Capacity-optional access pcs 24/30(Disc type)
    32/40(Chain type)
      Tool selection Bi-directional & min. path
      Max. tool diameter x length MM( inch ) Armless:90*200
      Max. tool weight KG(lbs) 6 (13.2)
      Air power required 6 kg/c㎡
      Tool shank BT30/ISO30/BT40
      Spindle drive motor kw(HP) Std:7.5kw(10HP)
      Linear Ball Slide
      X,Y,Z axis 25 / 25 / 30
      Carriage guide block-per axis 4

      Power supply  15KVA
      Net wight KG(lbs)  3,500 (7,700)

  • About Company

    We are a CNC machining Center manufacturer, our predecessor company “Fulland Machinery Co., Ltd.” was founded in 1987; in twenty years to 2006 Fulland has been granted 29 different items of patterns for improving in Machining Centers’ manufacturing and operation methods of the machine by Taiwan, China, Japan, Spain and Germany, these steps of development including building of vertical linear guide-ways and box-ways machining centers and Double Column machining centers. Our markets were all over the world; mainly in China, India, Brazil and Poland at the beginning, then expanded into Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Eastern Europe, Russia, Canada and the USA. At the end of 2008, we have encountered temporary set-back due to the international financial turbulence; we reorganized our financial and mechanic personnel infrastructure thereafter and restart our manufacturing business in the name of “Geon Cheng Technology Co., Ltd.” since the beginning of this year. We succeed the engineering and manufacturing technical background from Fulland and renovate the complicated models into more practical and powerful machines. Our products mainly focus on Computer Numerical Controlled, so called CNC, Milling & Turning machines, 5 axes & 5 faces machining center series, including linear guide-way and box-way with different brands of controls, such as Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Heidenhein, Siemens and Fagor, depends on the familiarity of the operator of the machine and the expectation for the characteristics in control from customers. The excellence of Geontech designed machine lie on the detailed resolutions against the problematic areas in the machine, take Double Column Machining Center for example, three pieces of roller linear guides on saddle for supporting spindle head from inclination due to its heaviness, the radial ribbing design of the saddle absorbs both radial and axial forces to reinforce the rigidity of the machine, oil cooling system within the X & Y axes Ball Screws, etc… If you are interesting in more details about the excellence of our machines, you are welcome to ask for more information or brochure from us and contact us anytime freely. Mostly you are welcome to take us as your OEM manufacturer with target to reduce your manufacturing costs and upgrade your selling power in the fierce competitiveness of the CNC world. Best regards and have a good time in your summer holiday.

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