• Specs
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    Chamber Size
    44 ft³
    25 hp
  • Product Overview

    Giant Finishing FT Series is our larger scale vibratory deburring equipment and parts finishing system. The Flo-Thru features our Balanced Suspension
    Drive for those high volume vibratory finishing applications.

    This system is ideal for the facility that is looking to setup in-line production for a continuous flow of parts. Allowing the operator on one end of the
    finishing equipment to drop parts on a conveyor then receive parts on constant basis on the other end.

    Essentially we give you the option to have a very complex yet very flexible material handling system which allows for virtually no operator guidance,
    just push start and walk away. System can be set up for in line single operator use or no operator involvement at all by utilizing conveyors and other
    material handling systems.

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  • About Company
    Giant Finishing, Inc.

    Vibratory Finishing, Mass Finishing Systems, Vibratory Deburring Machine & Equipment Manufacturer. We can also supply you with any vibratory deburring media, chemicals and compounds for your application. Thank you for your business!

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