• Specs
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    Chamber Size
    7 ft³
    3 hp
  • Product Overview

    We continue to improve the parts finishing process in the vibratory finishing industry, we have accomplished this with our GB, Giant Bowl series. This
    vibratory finishing machine has a spiral bottom design that allows for part separation, manual or automatic. Giant Finishing vibratory bowls are available
    in four different models - flat or spiral bottom belt drive and flat or spiral bottom direct drive low profile units.
    PLC Controls
    Variable speed drive
    Auto pre-mixing compound system
    Auto Lubrication System
    Air Dam
    Air Door
    Sound Cover
    Automatic Gate Cleaning
    High/Low PA Package
    Wrap Around Settling Tank

    Spiral bottom machines feature 100% separation of parts and media with
    specially designed cast urethane screens. We custom make these screens
    based on your parts sizes and media chosen for your process. We have
    made it possible to fully automate the entire finishing process after the
    loading of parts, the machine will start, process, then unload your parts.

  • About Company
    Giant Finishing, Inc.

    Vibratory Finishing, Mass Finishing Systems, Vibratory Deburring Machine & Equipment Manufacturer. We can also supply you with any vibratory deburring media, chemicals and compounds for your application. Thank you for your business!

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