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    The Gleason Blade Profile Grinder is designed to significantly reduce floor-to-floor times -- and the cost of blade resharpening -- by combining a unique Gleason Quickedge™ grinding process (patent pending) with high-speed, flexible automation. The Quickedge process features faster stock removal rates, while reducing wheel wear. In addition, the process offers fast, highly repeatable results for a wide variety of Gleason and non-Gleason “stick type” blades of high speed steel and carbide materials. Sharpening of all geometries including those with front face sharpening is provided.

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    Gleason Corporation

    Founded in 1865, Gleason Corporation is a global leader in the technology of gearing. Products and services include machinery for the production, finishing and testing of gears as well as a worldwide support system which provides cutting tools, workholding, replacement parts, field service, application development services, gear design and inspection software, training programs, engineering support and machine rebuild and upgrade services. The Company is also a leader in the theory of gear design and in the application, testing and analysis of prototype and production gears. Customers include leading companies in the automotive, aerospace and aircraft, energy, truck, recreational vehicle and power equipment industries.

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