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Type:Center Hole Grinders
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Product Overview

The FW-9D offers a unique version of plunge grinding where the outside shape of the product is ground relative to the center of the part. By using a motorized plate with arbors installed on its circumference as a holding fixture, parts can be loaded manually or by using robots onto the precision arbors. The plate then rotates in a controlled manner into a shaped grinding wheel while the part is being supported and rotated by a regulating wheel. This unique technique solves the concentricity problem faced by conventional centerless grinding machines. It also allows the machine to have parts staged during a grind cycle.

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Glebar Company, Inc.

About Glebar Company, Inc.

Founded in 1952, by Miner Gleason and Robert Barhorst, Glebar was established to manufacture machine tools based on the principles of Centerless Grinding. Located in Franklin Lakes in the North of New Jersey, Glebar's focus in manufacturing machine tools is to supply our customers with solutions incorporating the latest technology and producing equipment to provide an efficient and controlled manufacturing process.


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