• Specs
  • Product Overview

    Mold (No.) SX-800C
    Capacity (KVA) 80
    Voltage (V) 220/440
    Frequency (Hz) 50/60
    Highest Short Circuit (A) 28,000
    Permissible Utility Duty(%) 8.7
    Max. Pressure (KG) 800
    Pated Imput (KVA) 192
    Refrigrate Current(I) 8

    1. X-y axis auto traveling welding machine - welding position will be more precise.
    2. Micro-computer welding position controller - easy to adjust spot position.
    3. Interchangeable dual - workbench - saving material feeding time and enhance production efficiency.

    Cage for garder, display rack, gridiron, wire mesh products...etc.

  • About Company
    Golden Spot Industry Inc.

    Professional manufacturer for various auto spot welding machinery, were established in 1979. The main market includes asia, middle east, and mainland china. After long development and research, we have rewarded multiple patent rights, and certificated with ISO9001:2000 (r&d). The application of our products comprises wire shelves, constructions, household appliances, hardware, etc…

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