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Type:Vertical Mills


Table-W:9.843 "
Table-L:50 "
Travel-Long:30.32 "
Travel-Cross:16.54 "

Product Overview

RX25D series radial milling machine Basic technical data:
• Working table: 250 x 1270mm
• longitudinal travel: 770mm
• cross travel: 420mm
• Vertical travel: 400mm
• Work spindle: R8, ISO30 or ISO40
• quill extension: 127mm
• quill feed: 0.04/0.08/0.13mm
• Spindle speed: 60-4200 RPM, infinitely variable adjustment
• Motor power: 2.25 kW
• weight: 1750 kg
• Y-axis guides: rectangular
• Z-axis guides: rectangular
• Working head speed: 2 axles
• sales crane working head: 1 axis
• retractable crane: YES
• 12 months warranty

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