TKV 540
Discontinued Model
  • Specs
  • Product Overview

    Number of columns: 2
    Number of carriages: 1
    Type of carriage: Ram
    Number of axis controlled: X/Z
    Turning diameter: 4000 mm
    Table diameter: 2800 mm
    Max workpiece height: 1600 mm ( with possibiity of upgrading to 2200 mm)
    Max table load: 16 000 kg
    Table speeds range: 70 rpm
    Number of table speeds range: 3
    Vertical travel in Z axis(ram travel): 1200 mm
    Horizontal carriage travel in X axis: 2120 mm
    Work feeds range: 2-2000 mm/min
    Rapid feeds in X/Z axis: 10 m/min
    Knife intersection: 63 x 40 mm
    Trasversal beam vertical travel: 1240 mm
    Trasversal beam feed: 360 mm/min
    Main motor power: 55 kW
    Installed power: 69 kW
    Positioning accuracy: 0,01/1000 mm
    Machine dimensions: 5500 x 6750 x 4900 mm
    Net weight: 49000 kg

  • About Company
    Gorbrex Machinery Trade Sp.z o.o.

    used and new metal working machines:heavy duty horizontal lathes and vertical lathes, milling machines, grinding, plano milling and boring machine, sheet metal working machinery, presses. in 2012 we started with our new LINES of VERTICAL LATHES CNC called TKV Series. In our offer you can find VTL in diameter from 1200 up tp 8000mm. ALl of the, are based on second hand russian body fro, SEDIN , and everything rest id completely new with warranty