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    Govro-Nelson Company

    The Govro-Nelson Company is located in St. Clair Michigan, north of metropolitan Detroit along the St. Clair River. Over three generations, the company evolved from manufacturers of precision aircraft parts and prototype work, to developing uniquely-designed drill units featuring concentric construction. A philosophy of continuous improvement, together with years of experience account for the fact Govro now has thousands of units in the field that have been operating 24/7 for decades. In 1962, Govro Nelson moved into the rotary transfer business with the production and sale of the first vertical indexing machine. For manufacturers of high production parts rotary transfer technology improves quality, increases production and cuts labor costs dramatically. This business is still going strong at Govro because the modular design of Govro high production machines allow for flexibility and easy reconfiguration for changes in future applications. Govro machines can be easily adapted as the customer’s needs evolve and grow.

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