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    Futura 3 made by Transfer Gozio is the confirmation that the two worlds of the transfer machines and the machining centres are increasingly finding common areas of application in which the choice between one production system and the other becomes more difficult every day.

    Futura 3 is a machine which was imagined, designed and created for producing smaller batch quantities, for manufacturing workpieces, getting even more complicated, with higher quality.

    We are talking about a type of machine that aims at flexibility and at extremely reduced changeover times and is moreover capable of finishing any part in one clamping operation thanks to a particular technical solution that has been developed and patented in order to allow the machine to process all six sides of a workpiece in one single setting.
    All this results in productivity and therefore in higher competitiveness.

    The machine has four stations and three operating units. The self-centering universal chucks provide rotation about 2 orthogonal axes.

    The personalized, sequential programming is extremely easy and doesn’t require any training course.

    This machine turns out to be therefore suitable for the production of complex pieces of any shape that have to be machined on more side faces in one set-up obtaining the maximum precision.

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