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    Gozio's TRANSFER GS is built around the concept of progressive machining; the basic idea is to divide the various operations needed to complete a workpiece into relatively short operations that can be performed simultaneously rather than sequentially.

    The TRANSFER GS ( vertical axis with hanging table) is capable of o­ffering maximum flexibility, efficiency,productivity, autonomy and precision in machining parts up to 5 sides in only one clamping.

    From blanks or bar stock, even if they were born for medium or high volume batch sizes, thanks to modern technologies they are convenient for small batches too.

    Flexibility is a bonus that CNC technology brings to TRANSFER GS; it is possible to run diff­erent part families on the machine with many setups.

    Moreover, the use of quick-release toolholder spindles enables the reduction of the machine changeover time when changing production.

    Gozio machines are under full CNC; each of the machining units could generate X-Y and Z-axis motion, using ballscrew actuation, and independently controlled speeds of 4,500 to 8,000 RPM are standard. Units capable of 40,000 RPM are available if the application calls for it.

    TRANSFER GS can be equipped with several OPTIONS AND ACCESSORIES for maximum versatility and implementation in particularly complex applications.

    Moreover, they facilitate the adaptation of the machine to future production needs.

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