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  • Specs
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    1 hp
    Max RPM
    3,000 RPM
    28 kg
  • Product Overview

    A bench type of tool grinding machine with exhaust system GREENDER200 can be mounted on a table, workbench, or movable stand. Original vacuum system allows catching an abrasive dust at least 90%.
    A high efficiency filter allows using of up to 3 sets of abrasive wheels without changing and flushing. The sludge is removed by using a locksmith brush through a side opening.
    The machine is used for manual grinding of machine and bench tools (cutters, drills, drill bits, chisels), and for removal of burrs, chamfers, etc.
    Machine design modifies.

    Technical specification

    A grinding wheel
    External diameter, mm 200
    Internal diameter, mm 16
    Width, mm 20
    Maximum circumferential speed, m/s 30
    Electric motor of the sharpener
    Power output, kW 0,75
    Rotation frequency, rpm 3000
    Electric motor of exhaust system
    Power output, kW 0,15
    Rotation frequency, rpm 3000
    Voltage,V 380
    Phases 3
    Frequency, Hz 50
    Overall dimensions, mm
    Length 370
    Width 485
    Height 381
    Machine weight, kg 28
    Operating mode repeatedly short 5 min

  • About Company
    Jiangmen Su Bier CNC Machine Co., LTD.

    We are chinese company-manufacturer. We produce compact eco-friendly grinding complexes consisting of double wheel bench grinder and built-in dust filtration system. At the present we are looking for distributers worldwide. Please, feel free contact to us.

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