GREENERD 4D-400-86X40-21R24

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    This pair of 400 ton presses is used to mold SMC into electrical cabinets. Electronic speed control allows for an adjustable pressing speed as well as intermediate and rapid close and open speeds. The Greenerd Press Control allows for both press and mold functions to be programmed and stored. Typical mold functions include initiation and pressure setting for hydraulic actuators within the mold.

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    Greenerd Press & Machine Co

    Greenerd Press & Machine Co. is a leading supplier of hydraulic press solutions with product capability to 10,000 tons, bed sizes exceeding 240" (6100 mm), and styles ranging from gap frame and straight-side to die-spotting and forging presses. Greenerd's unique strength lies in the relationships we develop with our customers. We create a true partnership with you, learning as much as possible about your business, applications, and objectives so that we can design and build a press that is best suited to your specific needs. Greenerd offers an extensive line of standard Hydraulic Presses in all sizes and configurations, but presses can also be designed for custom applications by expert engineers with extensive application experience. A complete line of Arbor Presses is also available.

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