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  • Specs
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    10 hp
    Width of Belt
    24 "
  • Product Overview

    These machines were developed in collaboration with James Goodall, a famous luthier, who wanted a machine that could sand very short and very thin pieces. The main features that enable it to process short pieces efficiently are the single drum and the double infeed and double outfeed pressure rollers that are tucked in closer to the drum. The result is that you have continuous downward pressure on extremely thin stock as short as 14" (G0582). That is the distance between the first infeed and first outfeed pressure rollers. The feed belt is made of harder rubber to prevent distortion of thin stock while sanding. What follows is that you get perfectly parallel sanding in any thickness of stock. The new platen model will sand stock as short as 9" (G0445). All of these models include features like digital read out, powered table elevation, four screw jacks for table support, variable speed, disc brake stopping system, dust proof photo electric eye/pneumatic control for belt oscillation, and separate motors for the drum, the feed rollers, and the table elevation.

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    Grizzly Industrial, Inc.

    Since our inception in 1983, Grizzly Industrial®, Inc. has grown into one of the largest machinery companies in the United States. Our products can be found in all sizes of shops from the large industrial production users to the smaller cabinet and machine shops. We have the widest product selection under one brand in the world and we sell direct to the user, cutting out the dealer network, and resulting in lower prices to you. We ship 99% of all orders the same day and with over a million square feet of warehouse space packed with inventory in three strategic locations around the country, your order can get to you within a few days. Our goal is simple - provide the best equipment at the lowest possible price and treat customers like we would want to be treated!

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