• Product Overview


    CPLD hardware interpolation, μm precision, and max. rapid traverse speed 15m/min;
    Acceleration/deceleration characteristics, auxiliary function logic are set by the user;
    Inch/metric single/multi thread machining, rigid tapping function;
    480×234TFT color display, tool path imitation;
    Chinese/English operator panel, standard ISO code edit in full screen;
    Match with AC servo to get the high cost-performance, match with the medium CNC turning machine;

  • About Company
    GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

    gsk cnc equipment co., ltd(gsk) , cnc industry base of south china, is responsible for the national high technology research and development program of china (863 program): moderate cnc industrialization key technology. main products are as follows: gsk series lathe, milling machine, machining center cnc, da98 series' numerical controlling ac servo drive device, dy3 series' mixed step motor drive device, df3 series' corresponsive step motor drive device, gsk sjt series' ac servo motor, and ct-l numerical control slippery platform, etc. for ten years, and we are exclusively engaged in research, development, manufacture, sale, training and popularization of machine tool cnc system, servo motor and driver, and other mechanical products. today, gsk has already developed into a large-scale new high-tech enterprise that deals with research, teaching, working and trading.

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