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  • Product Overview

    Control axes

    Maximum axes: five axes (including C axis)
    Maximum l inkage axes: three axes
    Number of PLC control axes: five axes
    Number of GSKLink axes: two axes

    Feeding axis function

    Minimum command unit: 0.001mm or 0.0001mm is selected.
    Position command range: 99999999 minimum command unit
    Rapid traverse unit: When the command unit is 0.001mm, the maximum speed is 60m/min; When the precision is 0.0001mm, the maximum speed is 24m/min.
    Rapid override: Total four levels: F0, 25%, 50% and 100%, real-time adjusting
    Feeding override: Total 16 levels: 0~150%, real-time adjusting
    Interpolation mode: linear, arc, spiral and polar coordinate interpolation and rigid tapping

    Thread function

    Common thread (fol lowing the spindle)/rigid thread
    Single-headed/multiple thread of straight, taper and terminal surface in metric system/inch
    system, equal and variable pitch thread
    Thread retraction length, angle and speed characteristics can be set
    Thread pitch: 0.01mm~500mm or 0.01inch~9.99inch

    Acceleration and deceleration function

    Cutting feeding: Linear type or index type is selectable.
    Rapid traverse: Linear type
    Thread cutting: Linear type or index type is selectable.
    The starting speed, finishing speed and time of acceleration and deceleration are set by the parameter.

    Spindle function

    Analog voltage 0V~10V output in two channels, spindle encoder feedback in two channels and two-spindle control
    Spindle speed: It is set by S code or PLC signal, the speed range is 0rpm~20,000rpm
    Spindle override: Total 8 levels: 50%~120%, real-time adjusting
    Spindle constant surface speed control
    Rigid tapping

    Tool function

    Tool length compensation
    Tool wearing compensation
    Tool nose radius compensation (C type)
    Tool life management
    Methods of setting tools: Tool-setting in fixed position, trial cutting tool-setting, return to reference point for setting tool
    Tool offset mode: Rewriting coordinate mode, tool traverse mode

    Precision compensation

    Backlash compensation
    Pitch error compensation in memory type

    PLC function

    13 types of basic commands, 30 types of function commands
    PLC ladder diagram edit on-l ine, real-time monitor
    PLC program in two levels, maximum 5,000 steps, the refresh cycle of the 1st level program: 8ms.
    Support PLC warning and PLC alarm
    Support many PLC programs (maximum 16), the current running PLC program can be selected by parameter

    I/O unit

    Basic I/O: Input in 40 points/output in 32 points
    Operational panel I/O: input in 96 points/output in 96 points
    I/O extension: Use GSKLink for extension, the maximum is to extend two I/O ports, each input in 16 points/output in 8 points.

    Man-machine interface

    Display in Chinese and Engl ish, etc.
    Display in two-dimensional tool path and stereogram
    Servo state monitor
    Servo parameter configuration on-l ine
    Real-time clock
    Help on-l ine

    Operation management

    Operation mode: Auto, manual, edit, MDI, DNC, MPG and reference point return
    Operation authority of multiple levels management
    Alarm record
    Time turn off

    Editing program

    Program memory capacity: 25M, 10,000 programs (including subprograms, macro programs)
    Editing function: Edit in ful l screen, support the background edit of part program
    Editing function: Program/block/character research, rewriting, deleting, block copy/block deleting
    Program format: ISO codes, it supports the commands without space and hybrid programming of relative coordinate and absolute coordinate.
    Macro command: Support macro command programming in sentence type
    Calling program: Support the macro program cal l ing with parameter and subprogram nesting of 12 layers
    Grammar check: Check grammar after editing the programs.

    Communication function

    RS232: Transmit the fi les of part program and parameter, etc, DNC processing, support PLC program and software serial port upgrade.
    USB: Fi le operation, directly process fi les and support PLC programs in flash disk and software flash disk upgrade.
    LAN: Remote monitor, internet DNC processing, file transmission, support PLC program and remote software upgrade.

    Safety function

    Emergency stop
    Hardware travel l imit
    Travel limit in many memory types
    Data restoring and recovering

  • About Company
    GSK CNC Equipment Co., Ltd

    gsk cnc equipment co., ltd(gsk) , cnc industry base of south china, is responsible for the national high technology research and development program of china (863 program): moderate cnc industrialization key technology. main products are as follows: gsk series lathe, milling machine, machining center cnc, da98 series' numerical controlling ac servo drive device, dy3 series' mixed step motor drive device, df3 series' corresponsive step motor drive device, gsk sjt series' ac servo motor, and ct-l numerical control slippery platform, etc. for ten years, and we are exclusively engaged in research, development, manufacture, sale, training and popularization of machine tool cnc system, servo motor and driver, and other mechanical products. today, gsk has already developed into a large-scale new high-tech enterprise that deals with research, teaching, working and trading.