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Model:FORMULA 1000
Type:Blast Cleaning
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Chamber-W:42 "
Chamber-D:25 "
Dimensions:63.5"G x 43"W x 27"D
Weight:195 (LBS)

Product Overview

Whether you are an industrial user of blast machinery or a beginner considering your first purchase of a blast cabinet, we are glad you found Guyson Corporation.

Guyson Corporation

About Guyson Corporation

Guyson Corporation is a privately held company based in Saratoga Springs, New York. We engineer, design, and build blasting and parts-washing machines for manufacturing plants across North America and worldwide in our 80,000-square-foot design and manufacturing facility. Our Saratoga location houses our engineering test lab, a contract finishing job shop, and an extensive inventory of spare parts and blast media. It’s also where you’ll find most of the Guyson staff, a close-knit team dedicated to the excellence of the machinery we build and the satisfaction of our customers worldwide.


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