• Specs
    44" x 60"
  • Product Overview

    Fully automatic loading and unloading of components in the T-86 permits unmanned operation, with PLC-controlled blast and airwash cycles. The T-86 tumble-blast machine has a 44" x 60" machine footprint.

    Up to 4 suction-blast guns or 2 pressure-blast nozzles are bracketed in position over the mouth of the perforated steel tumble-basket to cover the batch of components as they turn over and over. The rotation speed of the basket is adjustable, so you can optimize the tumbling action for the most efficient process cycle. At the end of the timed blast cycle, an automatic airwash blow-off cycle removes media and dust from the parts as they continue to tumble. Then the finished parts are discharged through the automatic chute at the bottom-front of the cabinet, and the upper in-feed hopper loads the next batch. Dead time between cycles is minimized in nearly continuous operation – in fact, the T-86 can out-produce tumble-blast machinery of much larger cubic capacity and dramatically reduce your manpower requirements.

  • About Company
    Guyson Corporation

    Guyson Corporation is a privately held company based in Saratoga Springs, New York. We engineer, design, and build blasting and parts-washing machines for manufacturing plants across North America and worldwide in our 80,000-square-foot design and manufacturing facility. Our Saratoga location houses our engineering test lab, a contract finishing job shop, and an extensive inventory of spare parts and blast media. It’s also where you’ll find most of the Guyson staff, a close-knit team dedicated to the excellence of the machinery we build and the satisfaction of our customers worldwide.

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