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H & H 1003

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Brand:H & H
Type:Hydraulic Presses


Tonnage:30 T
Stroke:10 "
Daylight:22 "
Power:15 hp
Bed Width:50 "
Bed Length:50 "
H & H Resistance Welders

About H & H Resistance Welders

H&H Resistance Welders operates from its main facility in Afton, Oklahoma under the direction of Diane Hodge. Here it continues to design and manufacture new single and three phase resistance welding equipment, refurbish used equipment of all resistance welding brands, and has adapted a new special application automated line of machines. H&H also offers its very own single and three phase controls as well as maintenance programs. H&H is a distributor for Tuffaloy Products, Inc., CMW Inc., Roman Manufacturing, Entron, Intertron Industries, Unitrol and WeldComputer. Having been in business for over fifty years, we have no reason to quit doing exactly what we’ve been doing from the start; continuing to follow Chuck’s initial goal of producing the best welder and services in the industry. Striving to lead our lives excellently and with good stewardship for what God has bestowed means future generations can look forward to more innovative ideas from H&H.

H & H 1003

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