• Specs
    30"W x 60"D x 64"H
  • Product Overview

    Roto-Fuge wastewater minimization units are designed to work with tumbling barrels, vibratory bowls or tubs and centrifugal finishing systems. The Roto-Fuge generates centrifugal forces up to 2000 times the pull of gravity to remove particles from the waste stream. The particulate remains as sludge in the basket liner and is easily removed. The solution is usually suitable for re-use or may be discharged to drain, if permitted. Optional agitation and flocculation systems generate clear solution for reuse in the finishing process.

  • About Company
    Hammond Roto-Finish

    We manufacture equipment known world-wide. Hammond Roto-Finish of Kalamazoo, MI, USA has the tools for your finishing problems.

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