• Specs
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    Flow Rate
    700 ft³/min.
  • Product Overview

    The cabinet model (FDK) is rated at 700 CFM , is compact, and is suitable for light or intermittent dust collection applications. Dust laden air is drawn into an expansion chamber where the heavier particles fall into the dirt pan. The air goes through a polyester pleated filter which removes the finer particles. Filtered air is exhausted back into the room.

    The cabinet model is recommended for pedestal grinders or small abrasive belt grinders. It is not recommended for collecting stringy or bulky materials, e.g. buffing link and saw dust.

  • About Company
    Hammond Roto-Finish

    We manufacture equipment known world-wide. Hammond Roto-Finish of Kalamazoo, MI, USA has the tools for your finishing problems.

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