• Specs
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    9.449 "
    Machining Length
    3.937 "
    Bar Capacity
    1.024 "
    Max RPM
    6500 rpm
    Turning Dia
    3.937 "
  • Product Overview

    Spindle motor
    New generation servo motor
    The spindle hole diameter 26mm
    Spindle speed 6500rpm
    Spindle center height 60mm
    Maximum turning diameter 240mm
    Maximum machining diameter 100mm
    Maximum machining length 100mm
    Maximum machining diameter of 20mm bar
    Fast moving X/Z axis 24m/min
    * travel (X/Z) axis 200mm/Z axis 200mm axis X
    The ball screw diameter Phi Phi 25 25/ X/Z
    Tool number 8-10
    The size of cutting tools (turning / boring) with 12x12/ 25
    Long 1250mm
    Wide 1100mm
    High 1580mm
    Covers an area of about 1.3 square meters
    Machine weight is about 1200Kg
    Power supply capacity of 6 KVA
    Ambient temperature 0 ~ 40

    products Description:
    HJ-20X lathe is a kind of high accuracy, high rigidity, small CNC lathe that can meet the needs of high efficiency processing of small and medium precision parts.
    (1) this product adopts advanced machine tool structure, so that the machine tool has obvious advantages in precision, rigidity and service life.
    (2) the output power of the main spindle motor reaches 5.5KW, the maximum rotation speed of the spindle reaches 6500rpm, the spindle adopts a unique assembly process, so that the spindle in the high-speed operation of the process of heat to reach the minimum. X/Z axis fast moving speed up to 24m/min, can reduce the maximum non processing time.
    (3) HJ-20X precision numerical control lathe adopts the straight cutting tool, the lateral arrangement of the cutter occupies a small space, a large number of cutting tools, tool changing speed, and can be installed power tool, suitable for all kinds of complex parts processing. The machine tool control system adopts the advanced Taiwan new generation control system, which uses the high speed CPU, improves the operation speed, and improves the production efficiency.
    (4) by adopting the precision linear guide rail, compared with the sliding guide rail, the low speed creeping is prevented, and the friction resistance of the guide rail is reduced. True implementation of the 1 pulse 1 precision.
    (5) the reliability and stability of the transmission system, the vibration of all aspects of the machine will be the minimum, to ensure that the roundness of the parts and surface roughness.

  • About Company
    Dongguan Hengjia Machiery Co.,Ltd

    Dongguan City Heng Jia Machinery Limited company is located in Chang'an Town that is famous for machinery and hardware mold with the rich human resources, the smooth market coordination , the superior geographical position and the convenient traffic . Dongguan City Heng Jia Machinery Limited company is a private enterprise,specializing in manufacturing, sales and international trade. Main business: precision CNC lathes, milling complex CNC turning center, machining center, mirror sparks machine, automatic feeding machine. Our company has high-quality equipment, perfect service after sale , high-quality sales team; adhere to the "honesty, cooperation, win-win " ; make a bridge between in leading science and technology and customers ; we are convinced that: every customer can find a suitable equipment! "We welcome friends coming from distant quarters ." We look forward to working with all the friends and have sincere cooperation,Let's create brilliant together!

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