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Model:UMF 801
Type:Vertical Mills


Table-W:15.35 "
Table-L:31.5 "
Travel-Long:19.69 "
Travel-Cross:16.93 "
Taper:40 ISO
Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG

About Maschinenfabrik Berthold Hermle AG

Hermle is all about milling and achieving outstanding results. And we are committed to ensuring just this with our architecture, our structure, our work, our approach, our development, our construction, our assembly and our service. Everything we achieve, change or optimize makes our results better, more precise, available more rapidly– nothing more and nothing less. Milling at its best: Hermle machines are often at the forefront when it comes to optimized results. The proverbial Hermle precision in combination with process consulting and project management has made us the most important machine partner in nearly all key sectors – ranging from large-sized complex components to microcomponents in the high-tech field. Versatile use, uncompromising results – simply Hermle. Hermle machining centers have a very large round component diameter thanks to their axis design and the way that the NC swivelling rotary table is integrated into the machine. abstand They can process very large workpieces relative to the installation area. Some models can even considerably exceed the 0° to 90° swivelling range. The C axes use either worm gears or torque drives, depending on the machining process. The A axes can be fitted with one-sided or tandem drives, depending on workpiece weight and the required dynamics. Our MT models can even mill or turn in 5 axes simultaneously.


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Colter Precision
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P.D. Browne South
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