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    The School & Shop Bender is an ideal starter package for school shops, vocational schools, art departments, machine shops, maintenance departments, or anyone who wants a complete "Hossfeld" bender package with starter tooling for Tube, Pipe, Flat, Bar, Angle Iron, Scrolls, and ornamental work. Ideal for instruction – lets students learn metalworking skills and complete projects with hands-on experience. We are a trusted name, and have supplied benders to schools, vo-techs, and universities for over 35 years. Specially priced — you'd pay more if you bought all items separately.

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    Hossfeld Manufacturing Company

    HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Benders are American-made in the heartland. Our Benders and the Pipe and Tube bending dies have been engineered to bend ASTM-listed Pipe and Round OD Steel Tubing smoothly without the use of internal supporting mandrels and without surface blemish or distortion. ASTM-listed Square and Rectangular Steel Tubing can also be bent without mandrels. Remember, ONLY the HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Hydraulic Attachment is guaranteed to work with the HOSSFELD UNIVERSAL® Model No. 2 Bender! ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS!

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