• Specs
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    Max Dia. Gear
    19.69 "
  • Product Overview

    Technical data Y3150
    Max. dia. Of work piece 500/500

    (without back column/with back column) (mm)
    Max machining width (mm) 350
    Minimum hobbing gear teeth (Z/K) 5
    Max. travel of carriage in vertical direction (mm) 430
    Max. helix angle in turning bevel gear ±45°
    Distance between 235~665

    axis of cutter and work table face (mm)
    Spindle Taper MT.5
    Max. dimension of cutter (mm) Φ160×180
    Max. axial movement of cutter (mm) 180
    Diameter of changeable hobbing arbor (mm) 22,27,32
    distance from hob center to worktable center (mm) 30~330
    Rapid moving speed of work table (mm) 50
    External Diameter/bore diameter of work table (mm) 510/80
    spindle speed steps 9
    spindle speed range (rpm) 40~250
    axial feeds range (mm/rev) 12-step 0.4~4
    power of main motor synchro-speed (kw/rpm) 4/1500
    power of rapid axial motor synchro-speed (kw/rpm) 1.1/1500
    Power of rapid worktable motor synchro-speed (kw/rpm) 1.1/1000
    Power of Pump motor synchro-speed (kw/rpm) 4500
    Net Weight (kg) 4500
    Overall Size (mm) 2440×1270×1920

  • About Company
    Jiangsu Hoston Machine Tools CO., LTD.

    HOSTON Machinery is a leading manufacturer of hydraulic ironworker, shearing machine, press brake, hydraulic punching machine and notching machine in Mainland China. The HOSTON machines are characterized by high quality components that make the job safer and offer optimum quality. Our dedication to the highest quality products and services has enabled us to establish excellent trade relations with customers from all over the world. HST's team includes qualified sales specialists and highly trained service professionals to help provide quick service and the best quality of work in order to meet our customers' needs. All inquiries are welcome. Special designs or large product sizes are welcome. HOSTON presents us as a dynamic and fast growing company. We are able to set the technological innovation at the heart of development strategies. Today we launch new machines with reliability, quality and safety. Excelling in the production of machines for sheet metal processing and providing immediate and qualified after sale service to our Customers is the guiding principle of our philosophy. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Through technological innovation, we aim to improve life in the production processes of companies. With pride, strengthened by our experience, we can customize the machines HST based on the working of customers, improving surprisingly time and reducing production costs. High Efficiency, Skillful Technology, Trustful Service. "We do machines right." The constant commitment to product research allows us to be one step ahead of the market. We want to amaze the customers who use our machines tools with innovative solutions facing the most difficult challenges in any application: folding, cutting and punching.

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