• Product Overview

    In-field NDT & Inspection Machines | Tensile Properties, Residual Stress, and Fracture Toughness

    Portable On-Site NDT Testing & Inspection Equipment for Tensile, Yield, and Fracture Toughness
    FRONTICS AIS series of nondestructive NDT inspection and testing machines test mechanical properties, such as tensile strength, residual stress, and fracture toughness of materials from micro/nano dimensions to large metal structures.

  • About Company

    LPR Global, Inc. has been a leader in commerce between the U.S. and South Korea since 2001. We’ve established extensive transnational trade networks and insights into emerging needs in target manufacturing industries in North America and Korea. In 2009 we broadened our marketing services to include international business development, and launched U.S. – Korea Hotlink, which provides full descriptions of industrial machinery and parts manufactured by Korean firms. Today LPR is the leading international marketing platform for firms in the U.S. and Korea.

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